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  • Joseph R. Novak, NCIP, NCRC, CIP

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    • Certified Intervention Professional – (CIP)
    • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach – I (NCRC -I)
    • Board Registered Interventionist – (BRI-I) Trained
    • Board Registered Interventionist – (BRI -II) Trained

    You may also reach Joe directly on his cell phone (850)-585-9993

    A recovering alcoholic/addict himself, Joe has over 20 years of experience with the 12 – Step approach to recovery. Over this period he has had the opportunity to work with extremely resistive alcoholics and addicts. Joe’s life experience has given him empathy for those suffering from addiction.

    Joe has a passion for helping others in recovery beyond the traditional methods. He realizes that what may work well for some, may not work well for all. A veteran of the United States Air Force and spent 20 years serving his country. During that time he was deployed to support Operation Enduring Freedom. Joe is passionate concerning Veteran’s issues and hopes that he can continue to help those who struggle with addiction. Joe is a member of the Mental Health Association of Okaloosa and Walton County, Florida.

    Joe’s testimonials

    Just when we we thought things were the darkest and that our child was gone forever, there you Joe. You offered her a chance for the recovery necessary for her to have the life she deserved. You kept in very close contact through the entire process. Without you she would still be living in the street, doing lord only knows what. Instead, she is where she needs to be, getting the help she needs. We owe you the world. You have gone above and beyond and blessed us!


    I highly recommend New Life Recovery Services. Their services gave me hope, strength, support and guidance on living with a daughter who is struggling with addiction. New Life Recovery Services are knowledgeable, caring and compassionate.

    – Debbie Sommer – Indiana Sep 5, 2014

    I’ve known Joseph Novak with New Life Recovery Services for over a year and have worked with him on many occasions. What I appreciate most about Joseph is his willingness to help clients get the exact care they need. Whether or not his services are needed, he goes above and beyond to get the client help. That in and of itself speaks volumes about his character and compassion for those suffering with the disease of addiction. Joseph is humble and loyal and it’s a pleasure working with him every time a client needs help.


    I am so grateful for New Life Recovery Services for the intervention they performed on my son. I was 100% certain that he would not agree to go to treatment, he has been to 7 treatment centers in the past. Mr. Novak assured me that the intervention was going to be a respectful opportunity for my son to receive the gift being offered to him, and it was. We followed the script that we planned the night before, and it went flawlessly. My son tried to use excuses for not going to treatment but we were prepared with solutions, that was also discussed at the pre-intervention. I highly recommend hiring Mr. Novak to facilitate an intervention. He took time to educate my entire family on the disease of addiction and made recommendations for our family to get healthy. My son has been clean and sober for 14 months and we feel like we are getting our son back. Thanks again New Life Recovery!

    – Ann Smithermann – Navarre, Florida Apr 7, 2015

    It had been a long struggle and we exhausted all options to help our loved one that suffers from drug addiction. We decided an intervention was all that was left. We contacted Joe, he spoke to each of us and explained the process and the possible outcomes. He guided us through the letter writing and our bottom lines. None of us had much hope left but the intervention happened and our addict agreed to go to treatment. The facility Joe selected seemed like a perfect fit, our addict had been through numerous in and out patient facilities already. Unfortunately our addict only stayed a few days and returned to his using lifestyle despite Joe and the facility staff’s attempts to encourage him to stay. Joe has been right there for us since our addict left treatment. Helping us stick with our bottom lines, lending an ear and advice when we are weak and even speaking with our addict when there is talk of treatment again. With Joe’s guidance we have maintained our bottom lines and begun to move on with our lives. We still hope for our addicts recovery but without Joe we would have never come this far. It may not seem like we have come that far, but we have! Joe has played a huge part in that and continues to be there for us whenever we need him. Although our intervention didn’t work (yet) for our addict, it was SO important for us as a family and Joe was the right choice to help and guide us through it. Thank you Joe.

    – Anonymous – Rochester, New York

    It was an ordinary holiday weekend when out of the blue we were blindsided with having to deal with he realization our daughter was an addict. We were devastated. We didn’t know what to do or which way to turn when a friend at church gave us Joe Novaks number. From the moment Joe answered the phone to even this day he was & still is a blessing to our family. His knowledge & resources of places that were available such as rehab, the costs, the different facilities & timelines of stay to even after care & being able to return to the work place are truly amazing. He gave us a peace that someone knew exactly what we needed to do & lead us every step of the way. His knowledge & his heart for what he does literally gives hope to the scared, overwhelmed & hopeless . He went as far as giving us, as the family of the addict, resources to help us understand addiction & become healthy as a family for our addict. We have since had the pleasure & opportunity to share his name to others who were blindsided as we were. As of today he is still connected with our family in that he checks to see how our daughter is doing as well as us. He truly is a blessing sent straight from God. Thank you Joe for all you do & continue to do Much love & appreciation The Hayes Family

    – The Hayes Family – Destin, Florida Sep 4, 2014